Space Expedition

Explore the unknown, Discover new planets

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Expedition plan

Every great project starts with a plan

Every great project starts with a plan. Make your own plans in the HyperVerse. The space expedition company can initiate space expedition proposals and post their exploration plans on the community board.


Make your dreams come true

Raise the resources, money, and supplies for your space expedition project. Make your dream come true. Community users will invest in the expedition missions and receive a portion of the total loot acquired.


Travel through the unknown darkness

Travel through the unknown darkness. The expedition fleet will be able to collect rare resources during expedition journeys and have the chance to claim ownership of the newfound planets.


HyperVerse is committed to the creation of an autonomous platform that allows our users to trade, play and socialize. As a decentralized ecosystem, the platform will be governed by its users.

Together with our business partners, we aim to bring an immersive metaverse to our users.Stay tuned for more information and updates.

Stay tuned for more information and updates. Privacy Policy
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