virtual experience

Enter an impossible world, link with the real-life

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customize the avatar

Bring your beloved ones into the virtual world to accompany you. With the help of AI technologies, you will define their characters and arrange their routines to imitate real people.

multiple lives


Relish the opportunity to experience 'multiple lives' at the same time in HyperVerse, be at different places, engage in different activities, in any way you choose.

real world linked

break the boundary

The HyperVerse bridge the virtual world with real world. The trading platform Nebula enables you to duplicate digital twins in and take virtual items into the real world, no matter where you are.


HyperVerse is committed to the creation of an autonomous platform that allows our users to trade, play and socialize. As a decentralized ecosystem, the platform will be governed by its users.

Together with our business partners, we aim to bring an immersive metaverse to our users.Stay tuned for more information and updates.

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